The Time Has Come

The Time Has Come.

I wrote the following some time ago with the specific intention of publishing it on this day, the twenty-first of December, shortly before I knew I would be boarding an aircraft that will carry me back home, back to my family and friends with whom I belong. This flight on wings will mark the end of the journey of transition that I began nearly four years ago, almost to the day, when I began my a pilgrimage to become the person I needed to be: a beautiful woman with a...

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Christmas: Being family, being gender or sexually diverse

Finding the last photograph of Simon, taken on this day in 2014 and this year spending Christmas day with my family for the second time as a gender-diverse person has given me cause to reflect about families and acceptance.

It all started with an "O" birthday

The birth of Our Lord is celebrated by a number of what are called the "O Antiphons" (O Wisdom, O Lord, O Root of Jesse, O Key of David, O Dayspring, O King of the Nations, O With Us is God".

When it comes to "O" birthdays we make...

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A Coorong Celebration

The celebration needed to be by water, of course!  The sea, a river, the beach or a trickling brook all would have been fitting places to celebrate my birthday.  So in the mid-morning we ambled through the Mount Lofty Ranges and made our way to Hector's on the Wharf, at Goolwa.

As we watched sailing yachts and launches serenely ply the river, Jane and I dined on the most glorious seafood and a bottle of Rosé.... memories of our long lunches in the ancient and historic tiny port of...

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This is a fern from Papua New Guinea that has been growing in the gentle shade of our front porch. I took this photograph to remind myself of what it is to flourish.  With nurture and nourishment people, just like my ferns, grow slowly and beautifully - the unfolding is the journey.

Sometimes we have to stop, to notice, and slowly behold the growth in all around us that we see, especially in ourselves and in those who journey with us.
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Spirals of a Once and Future Life

People sometimes ask me questions about identity.  Many people, especially those like me who are gender-diverse, prefer not to reveal too much of their past.  For us who whose identity has radically changed, the temptation is sometimes to define who we are from a single point I call tabula rasa: from a clean slate.  This is a point from where we think all things can begin anew, where we feel we can make a fresh start from the former life we would rather not be reminded of.

In my world...

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The Finding of Self in Brokeness

A number of people have spoken to me about my so-called “courage” in choosing to come out as gender-diverse. I do not think it is courageous at all but simply the consequence of choosing to live a genuine and authentic life. I will sometimes quite openly talk about the person I used be. The person I once was, has not gone, he still here, just not as visible as before. Living a genuine, authentic and integrated life, however, can be, and has been, costly.

Jane and I celebrated our...

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Anger: Just Smile and Wave!

Often the anger we sometimes experience from others comes from fear. People who are different from the 'norm' know this very well. Being different can mean by how we appear e.g. by being obese or unusually thin, having some physical deformity, by having an intellectual or mental disability of some kind, by being of a different race or culture from the dominant one around us, being part of a minority like being LGBTIQ, and the list goes on.

For people who are different it means that they can...

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Growing like a Crayfish

Some years ago, whilst walking after heavy rain in Lamington National Park, in the McPherson Ranges on the Queensland / New South Wales coast (whilst battling a relentless assault by leeches), I came across this very interesting creature aggressively guarding a rainforest track: the Lamington Spiny Crayfish.

Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski has this interesting reflection about the life of these crustaceans….

Most people in this country of Australia live extraordinarily privileged lives. That...

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Truth and Transgender at 70

This is a beautiful story about how committed love transcends the unexpected problems that married couples sometimes have to deal with.  This particular situation is somewhat rare:  a seventy year old man who happens to be an orthodpedic surgeon who transitions to become Kate and with the blessing of his/her wife Linda.   

The following is an article written Pulizter Prize winner journalist Amy Nutt and was published in the the Washington Post on 21 April 2016

The odyssey described...

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Building up by Compliments

Compliments are one of the most extraordinary components of social life. If given right they create so much positive energy that they make things happen almost as if by magic. They ease the atmosphere around two people and kindly dispose people to each other.

Check out this video on the power of compliments.   A special needs teacher spends ten minutes every morning complimenting his students.  It revolutionised his classroom.

Being complimentary: it can revolutionise your life as well.

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